A little sparkle

(originally posted Nov 17, 2011 by jewelryonetsyteam.blogspot.com)

Although it still feels “early” to be thinking about the holidays, Thanksgiving is next week, and after that the holiday season begins! I don’t know about you, but this feels really soon! One of the wonderful things about the holidays is an excuse to add some sparkle to our fashion, and what better way to do that than with the jewelry we wear?

For those of us who need to ease into things (like me)… I chose a few things from my shop, SendingLoveGallery, that will start us out easy, with just a little glow.

The soft glow of silver and moonstone… you can wear this Snowflake fine silvernecklace all winter long, since it’s not tied to a specific holiday

Glowing opalite glass with silver… reminds me of icicles
Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings
Teal Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver
And now for some “shimmer”…the soft shimmering colors of glass. Sugar Plums?


Beginning to sparkle now…

Dressy black onyx earrings that have a traditional black and white theme with a bit of sparkle from the rock crystal quartz faceted stones.

Sparkly earrings that bring a touch of green, but not the bright green we associate with Christmas…this is a more subdued olivine green. These are made with old stock rhinestones and brass filigrees for a fun vintage look.


Definitely sparkly!

This repurposed vintage necklace features an antique Art Deco dress clip which I have repurposed into a pendant with an attached platinum plated chain that goes with the aged rhodium finish of the metal. The old rhinestones have a quiet glitter that I just love!

And if you love to get your sparkle on, you’re in luck! I’ll be adding more sparklies to my shop over the next few days, so please come check out my shopSendingLoveGallery. My other shop is LovesVintageDelights with vintage jewelry and accessories.

Thanks for reading!